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Strategic Objectives of DED

The First Strategic Goal
Contributing to achieve Dubai Government's vision and developing the different economical sectors.

The Strategies (The Key Success factors)
  • Creating the Economical Strategic plan for Dubai
  • Creating the Scientific economical research base in Dubai
  • Suggesting developing projects to increase the effectiveness of the economical sectors and developing them
  • Distributing Quality Awareness and Excellency in Dubai
The Second strategic Goal
Prepare a competitive investment environment to attract local and foreign investment and organizing the business sector according to the best practices.

The Strategies (The Key Success factors):
  • Create specialized studies to increase the competitive Excellency for Dubai
  • Suggest Policies, benefits and systems to attract investments
  • Perform a regular review of the department's rules, regulations and procedures and updating them
  • Provide economical information for the business sector
The Third strategic Goal
Provide the best human, financial and technical resource and supportive environment for creativity and excellence.

The Strategies (The Key Success factors)
  • Attract the excellent aspects of the qualified ones
  • Apply total excellence and quality in the department
  • Prepare a financial and an Intangible attractive working environment
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